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My name is Danielle and I'm a freelance writer, designer, and textile artist.

I'm a cat person in a family of dog owners, my favourite season is winter, and I love creating stories with my clients. 

About Me





“It has been an absolute pleasure dealing with Danielle. She helped determine an online media strategy for my advocacy group, demonstrating excellent technical, communications, and problem-solving skills, as well as thoughtful consideration of the issue itself. She then she executed the work with creativity and professionalism. The final product is highly impressive and has been an important contribution to our cause; it has also garnered many design compliments. I would recommend Danielle’s work to anyone.” 
– Kristine Kowalchuck, Edmontonians for Responsible Urban Public Transit

“Danielle is a wonderful writer and a good copy editor. She has the drive to dig and research any writing assignment she is working on. I think she really gets to the heart of any subject. Danielle is so willing to learn and work hard that she will continue to grow and evolve in every aspect of her professional and personal life. I love working with Danielle on stories for PHABRIK and hope to continue for as long as she is available.”
– Sandra Sing Fernandes, Phabrik Magazine

“Danielle and I work together on PHABRIK magazine, a fashion, arts and lifestyle magazine distributed at Western Canada Fashion Week and across select Chapters in Canada and newsstands in the United States. She has been a key contributor to the magazine for several years and helped me with the onboarding process when I joined the magazine in 2014. In her copyediting capacity, Danielle demonstrates a keen eye and attention to detail, and as a writer, she crafts her articles with a creative flair that respects both her subjects and the reader. Danielle is a true team player and a joy to work with. I wish her all the best in her endeavors.”
– Noella Yeung

“I had the pleasure of having Danielle create an entire branding suite for my photography business, and I couldn’t be more thrilled with how masterfully and efficiently she created unique branding pieces for me. I would gladly recommend Danielle’s services to anyone in the need of an expert designer who knows how to deliver unique and creative designs.”
– Tim Potter, Tim Potter Photography


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